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3 Ways to Market Your Product to Hospital Gift Shops!

Direct mail is an excellent way to market your product to hospital gift shops. Cindy offers pre-printed hospital gift shop mailing labels. For more information, click here to go to the online order form.

2. Cindy’s Hospital Gift Shop E-Newsletter
Ads in Cindy’s Hospital Gift Shop E-Newsletter work in both the short and long term for advertisers. She and her E-Newsletter have a tremendous amount of goodwill and respect from the hospital gift shop management community. This is based on its years of consistent publishing and the personal involvement of its publisher, Cindy Jones, with the hospital gift shop world. In the short term, advertisers can highlight new products or announce new promotions, attract readers to their Web sites, run special deals, and so on. Click here for more information and to the online order form.

3. CONSULTING (Phone Conference)
Cindy will provide information on the hospital gift shop industry; management, margins, displays, volunteers, merchandise mix, mission and typical customer profile. Regarding your product, the following will be discussed: product testing, order form & minimums, product pricing, industry specific distributor information, gift trade journals and market information and other marketing opportunities. Fee: $300 per hour, $150 per 1/2 hour. Call Cindy at 734-395-7076 to schedule a conference call.

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