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Cindy’s Newsletter for Gift Shop Managers | September 25, 2019 💮




 SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 

Cindy’s Newsletter provides managers an opportunity to exchange success stories and share thoughts on industry hot topics. We report on breaking news, product trends, survey studies, business tips and other articles that give valuable insight into the market dynamics that affect hospital gift shops. There are over 3,000 hospital gift shop managers presently benefiting from the information in Cindy’s Newsletter. 


Submit a tip, hot seller, question, or answer to Include the # of beds in your posts. While we try to keep the content at a reasonably advanced level, we occasionally post items for folks newer to hospital gift shops.

October Action Plan

Start your holiday event planning now before the madness begins!

  • October 16: National Bosses’ Day. Create a display of desk accessories, candy and flowers.
  • October 19: Sweetest Day is always held the third Saturday in October. Set up a display with cards, gifts, candy, and flowers. Sweetest Day is a strong holiday in the northeast and central states.
  • Halloween is just 36 days away!
  • Train cashiers your procedures to follow when a shoplifter is spotted.
  • Order bag and wrap supplies for the holidays. Assign someone to restock the register area from now to December 25.
  • Remember, credit cards sales will account for about 40% of your total sales.
  • Be the first to say, “Hello! Good to see you!” Smile at everyone you meet.
  • Set and post sales goals for October, November and December, since this quarter should represent some 40-50% of your annual retail sales. This will motivate everyone to do and be his or her best during this busy period.
  • Meet with your flower vendor to ensure that your cooler will be well stocked with holiday plants and flowers throughout November and December.
  • Begin promoting gift certificates as co-worker holiday gifts in the hospital newsletter and at the cashier counter.
  • Plan, write and submit holiday merchandise news/features to the hospital’s newsletter. (Plan to feature something in each issue to keep your shop “top of mind” during the holiday season.)
  • Plan holiday displays for the next eight weeks.
  • All Halloween merchandise should be on display in the shop by the first of October.

…. see the rest of October and action items for all year in the Twelve Month Action Plan


Gift Shop Manager
Hannibal Regional Hospital, Hannibal, MO
Under the day-to-day supervision of the Director–Guest and Volunteer Services and in conjunction with the Auxiliary Board, the Gift Shop Manager is responsible for the retail operations, volunteer training and oversight of the gift shop. View more…

Gift Shop Manager
Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX
At Houston Methodist, the Manager Gift Shop position is responsible for managing the Gift Shop staff and daily operations, providing oversight to ensure high quality, retail services over all retail locations and offices.  This is accomplished by working with the Gift Shop director and Auxiliary Board to execute a strategic and operational plan and generate revenue that supports the Auxiliary vision. View more…

Gift Shop Supervisor
SCL Health, Butte, MT
Establish gift shop budget, accountability for variances with actual results. As a Gift Shop Supervisor you need to know how to: You know how to move fast. View more…

Tools and Step-by-Step Guides
Gift Shop Managers

How to Conduct A Physical Inventory
Benchmarks for Hospital Gift Shops
How To Implement an Employee Payroll Deduction System
12-Month Action Plan for Hospital Gift Shop Managers & Buyers

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Miles Gift Shop Closes as Hospital League Shifts Focus

September 20, 2019
Lincoln County News

The Miles Memorial Hospital League closed its gift shop at LincolnHealth’s Miles Campus in Damariscotta, ME, on Friday, Sept. 13, as the charity examines its current operations and future goals.

Marva Nesbit, president of the Miles Memorial Hospital League Board of Directors, said that after lengthy and difficult discussions, the board voted unanimously to close the gift shop a few weeks ago.

Nesbit met with James Donovan, president and CEO of LincolnHealth, and Cindy Wade, regional chief Donovan said by email that the hospital has “just started the planning process to determine what might be possible for the future of the gift shop.” He said he does not have any details yet.

A statement from Nesbit and the hospital league’s board says “the unexpected resignation of a valued and talented assistant manager” and the sale of the league’s large storage barn at the corner of Pond Road and West Hamlet Road in Newcastle presented an “opportunity to take a step back and look at the future of our organization.” Read more – Miles Gift Shop Closes as Hospital League Shifts Focus…

Hallmark Opens Inside Renown Regional Medical Center

September 13, 2019

Renown Health has partnered with Hallmark Cards, Inc. to open a Hallmark Gold Crown store inside its main Renown Regional Medical Center campus on Mill Street.

Renown owns and operates the business “in an effort to provide patients and visiting families with meaningful gifts, heartfelt tokens and comforts of home.” According to Renown, it’s the first hospital in America to self-operate a Hallmark Gold Crown store.

“We’re proud to create a space where patients and their families can find gifts that foster a deep level of connection,” Renown Regional Medical Center Vice President and CEO Erik Olson said in a statement. “The new Hallmark Gold Crown complements the existing offerings in the Shops at Renown and removes an element of stress from our visiting families by providing expressions of support onsite.

The store offers more than 500 greeting cards and Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, among other gift items. It offers unique products, gourmet food and books. There is also a curated collection of gifts from Vera Bradley, Willow Tree, Jim Shore, and Michel Design Works. Full article Hallmark Opens Inside Renown Regional Medical Center…




What’s the most important reason

to stock and sell Snoozies in your
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Bounty Auxiliary Adds Online to BMH Gift Shop

September 12, 2019
The Daily Times

Suppose you’re on a fishing trip in Alaska, or it’s snowing like crazy in the foothills so you’re homebound. Meanwhile you learn a relative or friend is bedridden at Blount Memorial and you want do something to brighten their day, but you can’t get to the hospital. The Blount Memorial Auxiliary gift shop has just the answer for that. The auxiliary has initiated an online gift shop service that is available 24/7 anywhere the internet can reach.

The new online gift shop is accessible through the hospital’s homepage and is the result of a recent partnership with California-based Hospital Gift Shop. It’s the largest network of online health care shops with 750 direct hospital partners in the United States and Canada. Friends and family members can use this tool to easily send everything from flowers and get-well cards to balloons and gifts for a new baby to Blount Memorial patients.

“It’s really a chance to brighten a patient’s day,” said Blount Memorial director of Volunteer Services Connie Slingluff. “All gifts are delivered to the patient’s bedside, and many can be done the same day, including on weekends and holidays. If the patient goes home before the gift is delivered, we can make sure it gets to their home for them,” she said.

“It’s a great, handy way to let patients know you care, that you’re hoping for their speedy recovery or just that you’re simply thinking about them.” The Blount Memorial Auxiliary is made up of more than 250 active volunteers who donate more than 55,000 combined hours of their time each year to the hospital, making them a crucial part of the Blount Memorial team.

Every cent raised by the auxiliary through vending machine sales, fundraisers and sales at the hospital gift shop — including the new online gift shop — is donated back to the hospital or its entities. On Aug. 26, the auxiliary continued its tradition of giving back to Blount Memorial Hospital with a donation of $131,921.

Special deliveries

Through the online service, healthy, the auxiliary can provide gifts such as edible arrangements prepared in Knoxville and delivered to patients at BMH. The gift shop in the hospital doesn’t have the capacity or equipment for that. Flowers ordered online are prepared and delivered by local florists.

“If you order online and the florist comes over here and tries to deliver, and say you were a patient and you’re not still here, it will go right back to the florist and the florist will take it to your house. That’s really nice. The customer service part is great,” Slingluff said. She’d been looking into adding the internet service for a while. “Lots of hospitals are partnering with this online gift shop. I network with all the gift shop managers in Knoxville and in East Tennessee. We share information,” Slingluff said.

She learned that BMH could benefit if the auxiliary expanded its offerings with an online service. “I went online and Blount Memorial was there, but because we weren’t affiliated we weren’t getting a percentage. I was looking for ways to increase our money so we could buy more patient items for the gift shop.” Now online is part of the Blount Memorial Auxiliary’s contribution to BMH, an added benefit for patients and their loved ones as well as to the hospital’s bottom line. There could be more to come, maybe online access to items at the hospital gift shop, but not just yet. “We’ll take baby steps. Maybe later on we’ll have something online that’s in the shop, be we’ve got to get this going first,” Slingluff said. Full article Bounty Auxiliary Adds Online to BMH Gift Shop…

August Retail Sale Grew 4.1% Over the Last Year But New Tariffs Present ‘Downside Risk’

September 13, 2019
National Retail Federation

Retail sales were up 0.4 percent in August seasonally adjusted from July and up 4.6 percent unadjusted year-over-year, the National Retail Federation said today. The numbers exclude automobile dealers, gasoline stations and restaurants. “While consumer attitudes about the economy indicate some retreating optimism, the bottom line is that consumer spending remained resilient in August and continued to be a key contributor to U.S. economic growth,” NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said. Read moreAugust Retail Sale Grew 4.1% Over the Last Year But New Tariffs Present ‘Downside Risk

Maggie’s Gift Shop at UM SRH in Easton Completes Renovation

September 11, 2019
The Star

Maggie’s Gift Shop in University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton reopened Friday, Sept. 6, following a complete renovation and reorganization which lasted several months. The grand reopening event included a ribbon-cutting and remarks by UM SRH President and CEO Ken Kozel and Memorial Hospital at Easton Auxiliary President Liz Hannegan, as well as a round of applause for all those who worked on the redesign and renovation, including staff from Facilities Management and Environmental Services and shop volunteers.

The gift shop is an essential resource for hospital visitors and staff. Through its sales and the dedication of Easton Auxiliary volunteers, the shop raises thousands of dollars each year to benefit patient care and services, not only at UM Shore Medical Center at Easton, but also at Shore Emergency Center at Queenstown and the Cancer Center at UM SRH. Read moreMaggie’s Gift Shop at UM SRH in Easton Completes Renovation…

Americans Love Their Pets
Products for pets are big business. Make them part of your inventory twelve months a year!

The 10/10 System
Greet all customers once they are in the shop for 10 seconds or 10 feet in from the door. This greeting makes the customer feel good and the potential shoplifter very nervous.



Q. I would like to know if any hospital gift shops here in Arizona or other states are currently selling CBD products? If so, what was your process to obtain approval from administration? Were there any barriers that you faced or guidelines that needed to be followed? If you were able to carry CBD products what company do you buy from and what products are you successful with? I appreciate any feedback or advice you may have.Jenny Inglett, Retail Coordinator, Gift Shop, Corner Stork Café & Daily Grind, Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ. 8/8/19.  +: It seems that CBD Oil is all the rage right now. I am wondering if anybody has stocked it in their Gift Shop? If so, how are the sales? Jodi Babineau, Lakeview Medical Center, Sunshine Gift Shoppe Rice Lake, WI. 40 beds. 8/17/19

Our Senior Leaders would not allow us to sell CBD oil in our gift shop. Our Employee Health Nurse Practitioner agreed with their decision. We sent out a request on the SHVL list serve website and there was an overwhelming response from other hospitals that they were not allowed to sell it in their gift shops also for many of the reasons that Connie Slingluff listed in her response.

—Cindy Fox, CAVS, Director of Volunteer Services, Maury Regional Medical Center, Columbia, TN. 9/18/19

Interestingly enough I am able to sell a full line of herbal tinctures, tea’s, and salves in our mini apothecary section and our hospital is pretty progressive in thought when it comes to a holistic approach to healing. We offer Aromatherapy, Reiki, meditation, yoga and even guided visualization to our patients. However when I approached admin about the potential for selling CBD’s in our shop it was denied. There are whole lot of folks that still need to be educated about how CBD’s work and those same folks still group this in with illegal substance. I find that sometimes what’s “on trend” at the trade show’s may not be “on trend” in my area and I need to keep this in mind when I purchase. For example; unicorns, sloths, llamas, and narwhals just do not work for me!

— Colleen DeSimone, Gift Shop Coordinator, Orange Regional Medical Center Gift Shop, Middletown, NY 381 beds. 9/13/19

With approval from Administration beforehand, I purchased Twine CBD oil in Atlanta at the Link2Sales Showroom. In fact, Link developed the product. However, I put it out and it got downed by the medical doctors doing the drug testing and the pharmacy so I am discontinuing it. It is selling all over our community. I am not a medical expert and our gift shop does not need to be seen as controversial so it is not for us right now. The problem is that in companies where they do drug testing, there is an issue with CBD oil causing them to fail drug test. I sold out of the cream first and am on the last of the oil.

Connie Slingluff, CDVS, Director of Volunteer Services, Blount Memorial Hospital, Maryville, TN. 8/17/19  


Annaleece offers a nice breast cancer pin with Swarovski elements that are very elegant and classy, which retails at $42.50. If that is too expensive, Kelli’s Gift Shop Supplier has a nice option that retails under $5.00. — Bev Craig, Providence AK Gift Shop, Anchorage, AK. 10/16/19


I would like to know everyone’s staffing model? (I’m the paid Manager, three part-time staff, and ten volunteers. My three PT staff works in the shop full-time basically and fills in for absent volunteer openings. I do not have an assistant so I handle all the buying, merchandising and the basic bookkeeping excluding the paying of invoices.) How much storage space in your shop is allocated to store merchandise? (I have several small storage rooms and my office is used as one as well). What is the square footage of your gift shop’s selling space? (Ours is about 450 sq ft) What is your annual sales volume? (We do roughly around $300,000 to $390,000 annually). What is your average price points on merchandise? (We have mid to high-end prices) What type of high-end merchandise is carried in your gift shop? Do you ever get complaints on your prices? (Sometimes we get complaints about our prices being too high but we have always set the standard on our merchandise. We sometimes like to consider our gift shop as a small boutique.) How much does your shop’s net profits donate to your hospital annually? (We donate over $100,000 annually.) LaDonna Kelley, Gift Shop Manager @CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler, Texas. 450 bed hospital. 9/5/19

I am the volunteer manager/buyer for the shop.  We currently have 9 other volunteers, including one who does inventory and sales tracking and another who is shop treasurer. We have a small cupboard as well as three large drawers in the shop, which holds back-up for things currently in the shop.  Other merchandise, for the coming holidays etc. as well as decorations and additional display items or props are in a storage room in a building behind the hospital.  Although it’s lovely to have the space, it’s a trek when decorating and stocking for the holidays.  However, it does enable us to unpack and price merchandise as it comes in as we have more space there. The shop is about 100 sq. ft. We typically sell about $15,000 a year. Our average mark-up is between 2 and 2.4 times our cost.  Most of the items in the shop are under $20 but we do buy a few higher end items, especially around the holidays and try to have several really special gift items in the $50-$100 range.  They always sell. I have not heard any complaints about our prices. Those high-end gifts are Italian leather purses and wallets, home decor like wreaths, lanterns, and wall art, and silk scarves or wool ponchos. We donate somewhere around $10,000 a year to the hospital but it varies, depending on requests.  The rest stays in the bank to be used for buying additional merchandise or to fund other requests throughout the year, as needed.  —Sandy Oldfield, Coquille Valley Hospital, Coquille, OR. 19 beds. 10/16/19


We request proposals from various departments by a certain date and then the board meets to discuss them.  Once we have decided on the ones we want to support, we put it to a vote at the auxiliary meeting.  We also have two scholarships for $2500 each, for hospital employees furthering their education and we work with Human Resources to review applications and select recipients. Some of this money comes from the Gift Shop and some from cookbook sales, scrub sales, bake sales etc.

We try to hold a training meeting for volunteers in the fall before the holidays to review policies, such as returns, and to brush up on procedures and field ideas.  We have a notebook in the shop for volunteers to record ideas, complaints, requests and for me to leave information about merchandise.  I also host a lunch or tea party once a year for all the volunteers to thank them for their hard work.  This is in addition to our Auxiliary Volunteer Luncheon which is put on by the hospital every spring.  They recognize the hours given by each volunteer with pins for our badges, and small gifts.  One volunteer of the year is chosen and given a plaque, pin and gift.  Thanks for all the wonderful ideas in your newsletter.  Almost every issue gives me a jump start on something new.  This is my response for the quarter.  — Sandy Oldfield, Coquille Valley Hospital, Coquille, OR. 19 beds. 10/16/19

Our gift shop makes an annual donation to the hospital from our proceeds. We select a date for our “shopping spree” donation meeting. Next we get a list of ‘requests’ from the hospital. Then we label individual gift bags for each ‘request’. Invite hospital employees who can speak about the need/benefit of each item requested. After volunteers have heard about each item we pass out play money – 1 five, 1 ten and 1 twenty. Volunteers vote by placing their money in the gift bag of their choice. They can place all of their money in one bag or divide it. The bag with the highest amount of money is the source of the donation to be given. Often the total amount we have to give is divided between a few items. The volunteers love having involvement in this fun way. The employees who come to present have a chance to connect with the shop volunteers and personally thank them. Toni Gildone, Gift Shop Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, Monadnock Community Hospital. 9/4/19

The profits from the gift shop and vending services (we stock and collect from all 19 vending machines in the hospital) are given to the Volunteer program. These profits along with proceeds from our outside vendor sales (held 6 times a year) are placed into the Volunteer bank account. A team of people including the Volunteer Services Director, Gift Shop Manager, Volunteer President, Committee Chairs for Projects (Vendor Sales) and Gift Shop/ Vending Services, and the Volunteer Vice President (head of Budget committee) meet to prepare a budget mid-year for the upcoming year. We have some standard items such as teen scholarships, employee scholarships, etc. that we fund year after year. Other requests from hospital departments are considered and then a proposed budget is set before the entire volunteer group for a vote. Angela Quinn| Cheer Corner Manager, UNC Lenoir Health Care, Kinston, NC. 8/18/19

Our shop has a board of volunteers who review the “wish list” from the hospital. Our board then meets with the hospital foundation members and together they determine where the money goes. If the foundation tells us about a special need in the hospital that is not on the list we will also consider their request. We have been handling it like that for 65 years and so far so good.— Linda Cloud, Manager, The Window Shop, Blodgett Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI. 7/14/19


Q. Our gift shops have struggled with our on-line presence and for a variety of reasons we do not accept online orders. We take over-the-phone orders and I would like to increase that business. We are considering partnering with to provide on-line access to our customers. Does anyone have experience with Stallings, Manager, Auxiliary Services, Gift Shops/Espresso Cafes. 8/8/19

We are just launching our online gift shop finally! I would like other shops to share their links and any tips or tricks to make it a success! I would also like do know if anyone has used the Demdeco link on their site or a company called Healthy Commerce?

Jenny Inglett, Retail Coordinator, Gift Shop, Corner Stork Café & Daily Grind, Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ. 8/4/19

We are in the final stages of launching our new website through We are very excited to have it up and running. We have a web presence already, but the fees doubled in the past year. We like that we will still have a web presence, but we don’t have to do any of the work. Just sit back and collect our quarterly commissions. The process was fairly easy, and our marketing and IT Departments were very helpful accomplishing this mission. I highly recommend this service.

Eric Wininger, Manager, Reading Hospital Gift Shops, Tower Health. 700+ beds


Q. I’m curious if anybody is using Square POS system? Does it give you the same options for reports and if it’s easy to track inventory as in Quick Books for example? Thank you for the newsletter. I always find lots of helpful information, new vendors and ideas from others. Sviatlana Masenzhuk, Gift Shop Manager, Vail Valley Medical Center, Vail, CO 49 beds. 8/19/19

We switched to Square two years ago and have been pleased with the program. For what we pay for it, we get accurate information and fast transactions. We have created some easy work arounds to get all the report information we need. Unfortunately, it does not do payroll deductions, so we still have a manual process there. The company is constantly updating, and responsive to requests.

— Karla Glanzman, Manager, Seattle Children’s, Seattle, WA. 340 beds. 8/13/19

We have NCR Counterpoint in our gift shop. We are in our 6th year with this product and are heading towards an upgrade before year end. The system is fairly user friendly (esp. for the older volunteers).

Angela Quinn| Cheer Corner Manager, UNC Lenoir Health Care, Kinston, NC  8/18/19


Q. I would like to know how many of you still have auxiliary’s, twigs, or other volunteer organization? We keep hearing that auxiliaries are disbanding. While we are small, we are able to contribute over $150,000 each year to our medical center. Sherry Miller, Gift Shop Coordinator Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cambridge, OH. 177 beds

We still have an auxiliary of 240 members. Our Gift Shop alone donates approximately $30,000 to the hospital each year plus what is taken in from vendor sales. We have had a Flea Market for the past 35 years (a one-day sale with two weeks of setting up and pricing items donated by the community and a 50/50 raffle) but had to cancel this year due to the aging of our volunteers. This may take a toll on our numbers as many of our auxilians got their “hours” working at the Flea Market. Thank you so much for this newsletter, Cindy. We’ve gotten many good ideas from it.

Linda Hocking, Manager War Memorial Hospital Gift Shop, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, 85 beds

We have all volunteers in our store. I am the only paid staff as manager. We still have an Auxiliary but we are not as active as a few years ago. We hold fund raisers, a Holiday Bazaar, Rocker-thon, Support Fund and The Corner Store/gift shop. We are blessed with great volunteers that work well together and are very dedicated to their scheduled time. Since we no longer handle our big fund raiser, we are still able to donate back to the home between $50,000-$75,000 a year for the Agape Fund that assists residents whose money has been depleted. I enjoy the newsletter.

Alta S. Yoder, Manager of Gif t Shop and Auxiliary, Living Branches Retirement Community, Souderton Mennonite Homes, Souderton PA. 9/19

Q. I am looking for a new candle line. Right now, I sell A Cheerful Giver, which has been good but I would like to try something different. I would love ideas. Thank youJodi Babineau, Sunshine Gift Shoppe Rice Lake, WI. 40 beds. 8/12/19

I have a candle recommendation for Jodi who is looking for a new candle vendor:  Swan Creek Candle Company or email  I have carried several lines of candles in the past and this one outsells them all consistently.  Also, Stony Creek at Home, Inc. has some wonderful Christmas light up décor and snowmen. Some other Christmas items that I would recommend are items from DM Merchandising, candles, clothing, jewelry, Snoozies socks, anything with snowmen on it, scarves and gloves. Our christmas décor is selling less than it used to; I am noticing that the younger generation prefer minimal items in their homes for décor. Love your newsletter!

Diane Honsberger, Manager, Volunteers/Gift Shop, Mercy Health, St. Anne Hospital Gift Shop, Toledo OH. 8/23/19

We were also looking for a new candle line and decided to start carrying the Swan Creek Candle line. The sales representative helped us determine the best-selling scents and sizes. We chose to start with 12 scents in the 12 oz. vintage glass containers and purchased the basket displayer to show 16 of the sample-size glass containers (tiny jar with lid). We put them out and customers were amazed by how strong the fragrances were when you opened the lids. We sold so many the first 4 days we placed a reorder of both the sample size jars ($6.99 retail) and the 12oz jars ($16.99). I think the combination of the great fragrance, cute container and the great retail prices make this line a winner. We have been looking to make a change for quite some time from Woodwick and the price increase and move to in-house sales sealed the deal for us.

Anne Sutton, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Gift Shop, Cincinnati, OH. 8/19


I am still very new at managing our gift shop. These are two things that I have had success with:

  • I have a volunteer who has a flair for displays come in for special holidays displays. I have her come in and do themed displays in the shop to draw attention to the store and get people browsing. This has increased sales. Hospital staff who have not previously been a patron of the store are now coming in regularly to see what’s new!
  • While time consuming, I have been taking pictures of the new products that come in. Then, once a month I send a house-wide email sharing what’s new in the gift shop for that month. I will add some commentary with the pictures.

Christina Blaskie, CPXP, Manager, Patient Experience, Volunteers, Gift Shop, Community Health, LaGrange, IN. Beds 25. 8/17/19


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